Metamorphosis of the media landscape's effect on PR

The media landscape has been changing over the years. Technology plays a big role in the continued increases of speed of communications.

Just as the effects of Hurricane Dineo were felt, digital media has taken over and a lot of traditional media companies are feeling it. Print publications are shutting down operations and media outlets are pushing resources into building digital versions of the news to not only keep up with consumer behavior, but also to keep up with the news cycle.

The winds of change are not only felt in the newsroom but Public Relations practitioners are feeling it too. The change in the media landscape requires that we revisit the way in which we do business. Strategies have to be re-written, the traditional way of doing PR is also dying. New media demands new ways of thinking.

The transformation of the media landscape has already taken a heavy toll on print news sources, particularly print newspapers.  The new era requires PR to be relevant. Shrinking newsroom requires PR to be relevant. Newsrooms are understaffed and journalists are stretched, required to be more resourceful.

However, change doesn’t have to be scary. Media relations is changing because of the changing media landscape and it will continue to change as the world embraces digital media. It’s best to embrace and adapt. Press conferences for the sake of conference are a no no, press release is also dying. Media lists need to be coupled with connecting with the media on social media.

Relationships are still key. Change dictates that we become masters at networking and having good relationships with key media is a necessity. Networking is now a crucial skill that requires more than just exchanging business cards. There's actually an art to it.